100 % TAPS Guarantee

Selection Italian Wine Excellence

We carefully select the best Italian wines, starting from an accurate choice of the wine-makers that have been able to create a high-quality product with passion and hard work. We rely tasting on excellent noses and palates, whose only goal is to look for those details and shades, which make unique every single bottle of wine.

Correct storage

We quickly transfer the bottles of wine from the wine producers directly to our warehouse, where we keep them under controlled temperature and optimum humidity level, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This microclimate guaratee wine quality and integrity, not to disperse the exquisite flavours, as the result of years of study and dedication of all our single supplier.

Fast and secure payment

It’s very easy to buy on TAPS Wine Shop! You can pay in 3 different ways. You can settle orders with all major credit cards and prepaid cards. If you have a PayPal account, you can pay directly through your account. If you are not the type of credit card, pay well by bank transfer from your internet banking or from your bank.

Ethical & transparent prices

We do not sell simple wine, but high-quality wine. By working directly with winemakers without middle-men, we are able to give you access to exceptional wines from around Italy and fix the prices in an ethical manner, giving value to the product that we sell. Prices are clear and transparent: they include taxes, fees for payments by credit card and shipping throughout Japan. We do not ask anything else at the time of payment. And the customer service is always included in the price!

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