Nebbiolo is a black grape variety grown in Piedmont. Nebbiolo is one of the most prestigious vines in the world and is suitable for producing wines capable of long aging. The word Nebbiolo comes from the word fog and seems to refer to the dark berry but with a whitish “fog” species around it that makes it grayish. This vine ripens in the late period, in the period of the typical autumn fog.

Nebbiolo: distribution & grape characteristics

The Nebbiolo vine is cultivated in Piedmont, in particular in the Alta Langa area, in the Asti area and in the Canavese area.

  • BUD: It has a silver-colored peak with red hues at the edges.
  • LEAF: It has a medium-large trilobal leaf that reaches 18 cm and is of a bottle-green color. The petiole is of medium length and thickness of olive-green color. In autumn the leaves turn yellow. Defoliation occurs late, around mid-November.
  • BUNCH: It has a medium-large size and an elongated pyramidal shape. Aleate, with asymmetric wings. Often one of the two wings is so pronounced as to look like a second bunch.
  • GRAPE: Round, with a medium size. Thin but pruinose skin. Juicy pulp of acidulous taste and at the same time sweet, always astringent. Each berry has 2 or 3 grape seeds.
  • HEARVEST: Late maturation, between the middle and the end of October.
  • PRODUCTIONS: Rather vigorous, but with an inconstant production very sensitive to the spring weather conditions.
  • FEATURES: It produces wines of great value with an aging potential of over 20 years.

Canavese DOC

Intense ruby red color with well-defined purple hues. The aroma is intense, full of sensations of ripe fruit, with flavors of plum, berries and vanilla and a subtle background of oak barrels. Warm, dry, with a good structure and a persistent finish. The flavor recalls the sweet vanilla, melted in a light spicy note, to which is added a bitter finish of caramel and licorice. For its organoleptic characteristics it is perfect for the Akami grilled tuna or to the plate. In general it is very comfortable with tasty fishes and meats, even with pronounced cooking.

Nebbiolo DOC

Ruby red with deep reflections. Refined, elegant, with long-lasting classic varietal sensations and light spicy notes. Good varietal tannins, end of long persistence full of ripe fruit and sensations of dry rose. Perfect both for a daring pairing like with Tuna Chu-Toro sashimi, best with the Funazushi and Yakitori of leg or chicken liver.

For its features it is perfect to match Japanese cuisine, especially to fatty fish and meat.

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