Administrative issues

Can I be sure that all the administrative steps are performed correctly?

TAPS Wine Shop fulfills Japan laws. All the required information is collected at registration.  If in doubt, feel free to contact our customer service at +81 (0)27 370 1213 or via mail hello@tapswineshop.com.

How can I get the invoice?

You can download your invoices by logging into your account with your credentials and then entering in “My Orders”. You will find a list of all your orders from the beginning of your relationship with TAPS Wine Shop and for each of them, you can download the related invoice in PDF format.

Security issues

I have forgotten my password. How can I get it or another one?

To recover your password you’ll just click “Lost your password?” and follow the instructions.

Does TAPS Wine Shop have access to my credit card information?

TAPS Wine Shop never comes into possession of data related to customer’s credit card. During the ordering process, after having selected credit card payment as your choice, TAPS Wine Shop will re-rout the session into the portal of the interbank system of payments and receipts. The transaction is carried out, with secure encrypted code, and once the transaction has been carried out successfully, the customer is redirected to the TAPS Wine Shop portal. Meanwhile the interbank system communicates to TAPS Wine Shop the status of the transaction. If the transaction has been successful TAPS Wine Shop will process your order immediately.

Orders issues

How can I use the COUPON for the first order?

Please enter your email-address in the appropriate box. TAPS Wine Shop will send you an e-mail including a discount code worth 10 % the amount of the cart. Voucher cannot be redeemed in any other way.

I required special packaging or other.

When placing the order, please clarify your special needs in the box for notes. These notes are viewed by customer service, top management and warehouse keepers. We endeavor to meet your requests.

Can I personally pick up my order at the TAPS Wine Shop warehouse?

YES, first, you will have to register and have to request this option per e-mail or by telephone with customer service. Within a few minutes, our dedicated employees will assign a “pick up” option to your order and then you can proceed with the order. In case you chose the “pick-up” option, no shipping costs will be calculated for and added to your order.

The amount of wine I require, exceeds the amount of wine offered on the TAPS Wine Shop website.

Please contact TAPS Wine Shop under one of the following numbers: +81 (0)27 370 1213. Alternatively write to hello@tapswineshop.com.

Not-compliance issues

And if the wine comes in damaged packaging?

If you receive a damaged package, please send some pictures to hello@tapswineshop.com and we will find a way to refund or replace your order.

And if the wine is corked?

If the wine is corked or for any other quality issues please contact us as soon as possible within 7 days from the date of delivery.
We will not change or refund the wines after 7days from the date of delivery of the items.

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